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Sunday, February 27, 2005  

Running late

At the first party yesterday the food was great and the people were nice but it was very quiet for my taste. As usual, I started getting antsy fast.
The second party, on the other hand, was loud and I did not know anybody, which is a thrill in itself. I stayed until 3 AM, after everybody else was gone, chatting with Nicolas and an Italian friend of his. The best part was that I liked all of Nicolas friends. They are a lively, friendly, fun bunch.

So anyways I am now running late to pick up Melissa, but before I forget: the Bloggies are around the corner! Go vote! My favorites so far: Overheard in NY and Go Fug Yourself.

1:37 PM

Saturday, February 26, 2005  

Somebody gotta do it

I am on double duty tonight. First a party at Yamile's, then over to Nicolas to meet his friends. Time for a Red Bull.

5:41 PM

Friday, February 25, 2005  

Strange sleep patterns

Woke up a little past 3 this morning and have been surfing ever since.
I am not ready to get up yet.

5:28 AM

Wednesday, February 23, 2005  

A puzzle

In the next month and a half I have to go visit Joe in North Carolina (he called me Sunday, from a bar, drinking and eating oysters. saying it was heaven and asking why I was not there - going is a top priority now, I don't wan to miss out on heaven!) and travel to Montevideo for a couple of weeks. I also need to be in NYC the last week of March for Brigitte's visit. And tomorrow I've got to remember to email Don to find out when he's planning his trip to the East coast as I would hate to miss him.

1:00 AM

L'infanzia mi scoppia dentro

I can't believe I had yet to discover this gem: the Chelsea Market and, more specifically, Buon Italia. Pam and I went crazy. I bought stracchino cheese and real liquorice, among other things. And we shared a spinach and eggs tramezzino on our way out. On a more intellectual Italian note, I also found lots of free electronic books in Italian on the Web and I am now about to tackle a childhood favorite: Cuore, by Edmondo de Amicis.


Yesterday I met Elizabeth, a friend of Pam's from high-school in Rome. She is married to Philip, the son of Niki de Saint-Phalle. This is a complete non-sequitur but I thought I could use this opportunity to casually mention my superior social circles. I could also say they live in a 4 stories + basement place in the Meatpacking District , but out of respect for their privacy, I will keep this info to myself.

My new Pylones clothes hanger on my new "it" color wall

12:44 AM

Monday, February 21, 2005  

The place is shaping up

Too sleepy to blog, but these pictures should help you appreciate the work in progress:

Johanny building the bookcase

Debra painting a chair

Pam and Randy arranging the dots

2:34 AM

Saturday, February 19, 2005  

Fuck the early birds

Yesterday we were out of the house by 9 AM. It was a frigid day, perfect for strollling in the Park, making sure my cold got worse, checking out the Gates and eventually, once we were completely frozen, hopping to the Met to see the textile exhibition. Day before yesterday we had gone to
Yesterday we went to see another one at Pratt's (Cut & Construction: The Foundations of Fashion). I can now tell a dress from a car.
We came back home just when the painter was about to leave. We let him vent about his boss. He needed it, the poor kid.
Then we went downtown to Jonathan's to meet his baby, Matthew, and have dinner with him. I met his mother, who asked me to call her and go see her. She made it a point to tell me she was not bullshitting me (in these exact terms). She is an artist, a former member of some Indian sect and a very funny lady.

Today started in the worst possible way, with the housekeeper arriving at a little past 9 and Pam knocking at my bedroom door to get the vacuum cleaner just a few minutes later. Then of course the vacuum cable was stuck under the bed so I had to get up and lift up the bed and unplug the computer and fuck up the wireless network and who knows what else in order to free the fucking monstruosity. I hate rough awakening. Especially when I am tired and sick.

We got about two million things to do today. The guy who was supposed to assemble my bookcase yesterday never showed up but Johanny is coming to the rescue on Sunday. I don't know a lot of guys who, when asked to come and do hard labor, thank you for thinking of him and giving you the opportunity of helping you. As I told him, I don't know what I was thinking when I married him off to a friend.

Somebody wanted to charge me around 20 bucks from a sconce replacement for my Medusa lamp. I am happy to report I have found a much better deal on the Net.

10:07 AM

Thursday, February 17, 2005  


In case you haven't figured it out by now, you are reading the blog of a perfect idiot. I know I tend to be gullible but sometimes I really should know better.
Today I was trying to swipe my metrocard. It would not work. It had no money left so I went and bought a new one. I tried it. It was not working either but a very nice guy jumped in to help me out. He took my card, swiped it a couple of times until it worked and very ceremoniously let me pass the turnstie.

Later on in the afternoon when I wanted to take another train none of my cards worked. I swiped the old one. Swiped the new one. I even talked to the employee in the glass cage, he scanned for me and told me they were both used up.

Five minutes later it finally dawned on me: the nice guy from Grand Central had stolen the new card from me.

11:00 PM

Wednesday, February 16, 2005  

A long and busy week-end

Today: back to my apartment.
Today: Pam should be arriving from D.C. this evening.
Today: The painters should be done. If not they will give the finishing touches on Tuesday.
Tomorrow: taking the day off work. New bed and stuff should be delivered in the morning. In the afternoon I will be running around town buying "accents". Must find some time to go take a peek at The Gates before the week-end.
Friday: another the day off work. Handyman coming over to help me assemble the furniture. Might do the canopy.
Saturday: place should look almost normal. More shopping for details. Reinstalling the home automation system.
Sunday: paint-party!
Monday: President's Day, a national holiday. Opening of a bottle of champagne. Relaxing and enjoying.

3:45 PM

Tuesday, February 15, 2005  

10:51 AM

Monday, February 14, 2005  

Unsuspicious minds

I am at Cecilia's. I can't believe people not only do not protect their wireless Internet connection so that others can piggyback it, but they don't even change their default router configuration. Type the default IP, type the default user name and password combination and voila. Some neighbours do not seem to care much for security.

11:37 PM

Gimme a break

I was so proud of my limerick ...

and then Nicolas sent me his answer:

A handsome hot hunk came to town
to find the young lady lying down
he came on to her smoothly
girl, wanna take a ride on me?
...they happily tore the gown down

but smoothly/ride on me? That's a rhyme?
You're no poet, big boy!

3:43 PM

A wonderful landlady

I left the apartment early this morning. Actually, Lisa rang my door when I was on my way out and we managed to have an extremely chatty breakfast together (I was starting to worry about her not showing up). A couple of hours later I get this voicemail at work from one of the doorman (the only one who's really really obnoxious) informing me the building needs a written authorization from the landlord in order to let the painters do their job. Then I get a call from the painter, who had actually started ripping off the wallpaper before being stopped by the superintendent. I speak to the doorman. He is loving it. He's a jerk and as such has not received any X-mas tip from me this past holidays - nor will he ever again. I ask to speak to the superintendent. Instead of getting him on the phone the idiot tells me he - meaning the super - needs to talk to the landlady, not me. Than he says something about the rules being the rules. Exactly the kind of bullshit that pushes my buttons. He has perfected the condescending attitude to an absolutely unnerving level. He's patronizing and bullish. He is also the senior doorman I think. A real pity because the rest of the staff is, almost without exception, a delight. Two of them in particular, but I digress ...

So I called the landlady, left a voicemail, sent her an e-mail and just talked to her. She has already called the super AND faxed her authorization. And on top of it she laughed with me at the stupidity of it all.

I love the woman.

12:22 PM

Traumatized by chivalry

Today I rode the train by myself for the very first time, like a big girl.
I proudly waited for the 6 train in Grand Central, downtown bound. I could even tell the local from the express. I let the 4 go by. Everything was going smoothly. Then the my train comes, and it's not even packed, yet, the very second I put a foot on the car, before I could even look for a spot, the guy sitting immediately across from me jumped to his feet to offer me his seat. I protested. He insisted. I sat down. Several minutes later, when I got off, he was still standing there.

Do I look pregnant? I hope not. There were much bigger ladies on that train. Also, I had a huge overcoat on that makes it really hard to guess my shape. I know I don't look old and frail, or at least not that old and frail, so what was is? Just an act of random kindness? A way for the Universe to tell what a pleasant experience riding the train can be?

12:17 AM

Sunday, February 13, 2005  

Therapeutic dancing

Friday I had a blast at Splash. Marc and I outdanced Brian and we left only when it was physically impossible to dance another step. I was wearing heels so my feet were practically falling off. Saturday morning I got up, walked to the gym, took Derek's class, went shopping, walked back home. Took a shower, went out again for a 4 PM lunch with Nicolas. At 7 I met Pilar, Pamen, Carmen, Francia and Monica to cross over to Roosevelt Island for Ezequiel's birthday. Somehow I ended up dancing again for hours on end. Got home around 2.20 AM.
I can safely say I have no feet left now. And my knees are pretty gone too.

Marc and I decided we need one night of therapeutic dancing a month. Not a class, not a party. We need to go out and hit a club and get it all out of our system.

10:28 AM

Friday, February 11, 2005  

Go go go

I was at the gym at 7.30 AM and I did not do too bad. All the treadmills were taken so I had to get on one of those elliptical crosstrainers. And once I got on one of those, I also managed to stay there and move for a good 26 or 27 minutes, before following Fabian to the rowing machine for a few minutes and then to the weight floor. A short workout, just about an hour all together, but a workout nonetheless.
A great feeling, as usual. Why is it so hard to get back to it when you fall off the wagon is something I will never understand. Is it ever hard to go back to eating chocolate? Yet, working out is way more pleasurable than eating chocolate, and the great feeling lasts longer. Go figure.

Gotta get ready now, I am meeting the boys at Splash in less than an hour.

8:14 PM

The room is cold. My bed is warm. I woke up naturally at 6.30. Dear Lord, please let Fabian oversleep so I can get up and have a coffee.

6:59 AM

Busy day ahead

I was half way through my post when the browser froze. Tough luck. I am certainly not going to write it all over again.

Today after a quite long day at work I unwinded the unhealthy way: with a nice margarita happy our. On my way back home I bumped into Fabian coming out of the gym and I promptly called Pilar, who had not covered much ground and was a couple of blcks away xeroxing the cover of a CD for her pirated album. We all met a few minutes later for Japanese dinner.

Tomorrow it will be hectic. I am meeting Fabian at 7 AM at the gym. Then I got a document that has to be out by noon. At 5.30 PM I've got Randy's art show at The National Art Club, but I can't see myself making it out of the office in time. And then, around midnight ,I am going dancing with Marc and Brian (see the day I met him) at Splash.

Right now I should sleep. The window is open. I've got fresh sheets. I've got nothing on. Could hardly get better. Bliss.

12:13 AM

Thursday, February 10, 2005  

An exception and a continuing obsession

Wow. I stayed home yesterday evening. But I put it to good use planning the week-end.

Finally Pam decided to come up next week and help me out with the decoration. We have a little project in mind to somehow copy the look of this bed. I really like the hanging fabric.

On the same subject: I still haven't seen or come up with a decent idea for an office corner. I am not crazy about screens and most computer tables would clash with the rest of the room.

More on the same subject: I am considering incorporating some green in my house (I can't believe it myself!), a flower in my bedroom, some grass in the living-room, maybe a tiny windowsill herb garden. Somebody please shoot me.

8:28 AM

Wednesday, February 09, 2005  

From vegan to top of the food chain

Incredible meat at Fabian's yesterday. And pretty good cheesecake to top it off (the marzipan one especially). It shouldn't take me more than a week to digest everything.

8:43 AM

Monday, February 07, 2005  

Decorating frenzy

Got a new bed, a new bookcase, a couple of new chests with drawers, a new lamp ...
The painters should be done by Wed. night.
Thursday I should be getting my new furniture. And I already inquired about having the handyman assemblying everything for me. All in all, my house should look much better in a few days. There will be lots of things still pending, but there should be a noticeable improvement nonetheless. I am very excited.

11:57 PM

1:43 AM

Sunday, February 06, 2005  

Weeping in front of the TV

While waiting for Desperate Housewives to start I caught the end of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. This time it was a young widow with two children. Five seconds into the show I was choking up, five more seconds and I was sobbing.
It's not too hard to move me. It's even ridiculously easy.


I woke up this morning to another spectacular, springlike day. No way I would stay indoors again. So I started planning a nice brunch downtown. But Sunday brunch is a chore in this town. Our first choice, Public was packed, same with our second choice, then I remembered Zoe and we finally ate there. The day was absolutely lovely but when the sun started coming down, and with it the temperature, I returned home to a nice hot bath.

9:58 PM

Poor me

I guess I was indeed sick. I came home, collapsed on the bed and slept deeply for a good three hours. Then I played with Corel Painter for a little while and called Liliana and Pam. I might have convinced her to get on a bus tomorrow and come to NYC for a couple of days.

12:16 PM

Saturday, February 05, 2005  

Sick as a dog

Or maybe a puppy. In any case, I've got a damn good cold.

3:09 PM

Friday, February 04, 2005  

Early blogging

What the hell am I doing blogging at 7 in the morning???? Anyways, I went to Cecilia's after work yesterday. The kids were waiting for me with my birthday present (an Ugly Doll!) and an Ugly Doll cake! Everything was great and then it got better: Cecilia shot an half-decent photo of me. The best present ever!!!!

On my way home I called Nicolas to see if he was up for a drink but he was about to go to sleep, so I got into Borders instead and came out with a couple of books (Stiff and Blink) as well as a couple of magazines (Paper Crafts and, I must confess, Hola).

As an aside note: as of yesterday, I am light redhead. With my constantly changing hair, I was called a "moving target" by a guy yesterday. He was peeking at me in the elevator yesterday, not sure whether to talk to me or not. Finally he tentatively asked "Are you the person I think you are?", I reassured him I was and that I just kept changing my hair to drive people nuts.

7:08 AM

Wednesday, February 02, 2005  

B-day is gone

So I am back. Had a wonderful time. Rommy thought I was turning 33 or 34. In a way it was flattering, but then again I am not ashamed of my age. I couldn't care less. I am who I am. And for women, the older you are, the better it gets. All things being equal, I can't wait to be 70. It sure must rock.
Yes, your body goes South. So what? If it really bothers you, you can always get some work done. Other than that, growing older is a very liberating experience. I look at pictures of myself in my 20s and yes, I was very pretty. But I did not know it. I was consumed with doubts. What good does it do to be beautiful if you feel ugly?
One thing and just one thing I don't like about getting older. I really do not like having less time ahead of me than behind me. I wish I could live beyond the normal life span of a human being. So many things to do, people to meet, so little time.

Good night. Hopefully tomorrow I will not have a hangover and life will be wonderful, as usual.

1:38 AM

Tuesday, February 01, 2005  

A great start!

Wow! I walk into my office and see my chair covered in presents!!!!! Great presents at that! This is so exciting!
So far Liliana, Quique and Lisa (she's flying in from Geneva next week and taking me out to dinner) have called - not mentioning family, of course. Susan, got your e-mail! Yours too, Brigitte. And Vivienne.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

11:16 AM

It's past midnight

and officially my b-day! See you all later. Here's the new version of my card, with the right address:

Have not heard from the contractor in a few days so I have no idea when he'll start working but I have indeed chosen the colors (all but the last one from Benjamin Moore):

Living room: Chantilly Lace;
Ceiling, bathrooms and kitchen: Super White - with a glossy finish in the kitchen and the second bathroom;
For the bedroom: Snowfalll White;
For the hall I am going for Fresh Mellon Green from Glidden.

Eventually Pam and I are going to do one purple wall.

I also have to buy some Sweet Blik wall decals, and maybe a few Eames crosspatch ones. With that plus a handful of Flor tiles my apartment should have a brand new look to go with my brand new life.

And my brand new age.

1:00 AM
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