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Sunday, February 29, 2004  

untitledThe ballet was fantastic. Blaise, another friend of Pam's, who used to be a dancer for Bejart, recommend it to her as the best thing that has hit Washington in 10 years. In the afternoon we met Ulrike for a walk and she gave us a couple of tickets, very good seats, up front to the left. The dancing was spectacular, especially the little Japanese boy. As for the piece, I thought the first part was fine but it did not nothing for me emotionally. Then the second act came along and it blew my mind.
It seems that Tamara, Nijinsky's daughter, who is well into her 80s and lives in Phoenix, Arizona (well, she Romola's - Nijinsky's wife - daughter, either with him or with an alleged lover) went to see the piece in Costa Mesa and was overcomed with emotion. It was a very moving experience for her and for the company, in particular for John Neumeier, the choreographer and the world's biggest collector of Nijinsky's things..
After the performance Pam and I went out for dinner with Ulrike and Janis and had a grand time. We were particularly appreciative of the answer to the very first question we had for her. Knowing us it had nothing to do with the rendering of Nijinski's tortured soul or the pain of his brother's death. The first question was a straightforward "What percentage of the company's dancers are gay?". To our disbelief, only a three or four are. The rest of those gorgeous bodies belong to straight men. But then I had a strong middle-age moment when they came on stage at the end of the performance and the only thing going through my mind was "Boy, they are just kids!".

Before meeting Ulrike, Pam and I went to her parents'. I love visiting them. Her mother, Scottie is adorable and they have the most interesting friends. Yersterday Mrs. S., one of my favourites, was there. She is the Italian by birth and she is the widow of one of Ralph's friends in the foreign service. She is almost 80 and a riot. We had the most spirited discussion about Kerry, and Bush, and sexual harassment. At the end Scottie told me it's a pity I don't live next door to me and I have to agree.

I should get up now, post this entry through a wireless unprotected network I've sniffed and get going. I have to cook for tonight.

11:11 AM

Friday, February 27, 2004  

untitledGetting ready for the weekend

I am now the proud owner of a whole in my mouth. I am also limited to mushy food. I have been given plenty of Ibuprofen pills that I will not use and I am wondering how much they are worth on the street, if anything at all, as I could always use the profits towards my dental implants. (Update: just checked on the Net: they are worthless stupid over-the-counter drugs and I might as well try and peddle aspirin in the Bronx),

If I don't bleed to death I'll leave for D.C. sometime this afternoon. The weekend is taking shape:

Ulrike, a friend of a friend of Pam's from Germany is in town with a modern dance company and has invited us to see a performance either tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow evening. If we go in the afternoon then we might go to some bar in the evening, probably with J.

As for the Oscar's party, our little clique (Pam, Helen and the Sherif, Janis and Joe Banno and I) is expanding to include a guy named Mark I met years ago but haven't seen since and some Spanish professor.

Foodwise, amazingly, after just a few days back to a mostly vegetarian diet my energy level is up there again and steadily climbing. Yesterday while walking to Cecilia's for dinner I actually got the spring in my step back. Yay!

It's lunch time now and I am hydrating some TSP chunks .

1:29 PM

Thursday, February 26, 2004  

My apologies to my readers: my fan base comprises all of four people and I am very sorry I only mentioned Nicol�s yesterday.

Today I had a dentist appointment and I have to go back tomorrow for an extraction. I am not worried about the procedure itself but I am terrified of the financial implications. If I need two implants now instead of one I might as well go toothless and buy a house - granted, not in Manhattan, but still ...
The good news is that my braces might come off at the end of March.
No news as to when my fat will come off.

4:58 PM

untitledThe unbloggable

Nicolas, my one-person fan base, is complaining that I have not been blogging much later. Fact is I have nothing to say or, more to the point, what I have in mind lately is not bloggable, so today after work I got him to have a drink with me. Now I have something I can blog about.

We both worked really late and got to the nearest pub around 9 PM. The bartender, Jackie, is gorgeous and oh, so nice, she has all the guys drooling at her feet. I took advantage of one of the droolers who ordered shots for himself, for Jackie, for Nicolas and for me. Nicolas declined. I couldn't bring myself to follow him although I did decline the second round. I know I could have had a second and a third one and then ended up dancing on some table. Fortunately I did not, as tomorrow will be another long day at work.
Nicolas and I did not stay long, just enough for me to bore him with my unbloggable problems, shop talk and relationships dramas. We are so similar it is eery.

You happy now? I wrote something. Goodnight.

12:06 AM

Tuesday, February 24, 2004  

Late night shopping

I love Barnes and Noble same day delivery (although the links are to Amazon)!
Here's what I got:

Without Pity: Ann Rule's Most Dangerous Killer

Are you there alone?

Fat Girls and Lawn Chairs

I also wanted

Mindful Loving

but is was not immediately available and I am an instant gratification kinda gal.

2:43 AM

untitledSophisticated shows, a knowing spectator

Yesterday evening it was Sex and the City 's much trumpeted finale.
The evening started with Nicolas in a raging fury which was a funny thing to witness. I get into those murderous moods for the same reasons so I can totally understand him. Then things went OK, except for this one guy I despised at first sight (I am told I already knew him - God bless my selective memory!) who went on and on about how much he disliked the episode. Like I cared.
Sure, the plot was a little hasted, things were too neatly wrapped up but it was to be expected.
And Carrie got back with Big, er, John. That was the best part. Her leaving that stupid snooty Russian guy and his French ways and coming back to where she belongs. And we all know a cool dudette CANNOT belong in France!

Today I went for the ultimate cultural experience and watched the last show of My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance. I hadn't seen any of the previous episodes but I truly enjoyed this one. My tastes are being constantly refined.

Moviewise, I am actually thinking of seeing The Passion of the Christ., a flick that would never be high on my priority list if it wasn't for all the controversy surrounding it. An idiotic controversy but one that arises curiosity.
Speaking of God related matters, if I hear Bush mention God once again, I will barf, I swear I will barf.

Vegetarian once again

I am going back to being vegan. Modified vegetarian, actually. No diary, no meat, no poultry. Veggies and some fish. I'll cut out the caffeine too, at least for a while. I am going back to an almost Alkalarian diet, which has worked for me in the past. My weight was down and my energy was through the roof. But let's not get carried away. I am not becoming a teetotaler. Actually, I plan on leaving plenty of space for drinks. A girl gotta have some fun after all. But right now I am tired of being tired, tired of the skin rashes, tired of the bloating. I really want that on-top-of-the-world feeling again. Veggies beware, you will be eaten.

1:27 AM

Sunday, February 22, 2004  


This guy really does it for me.

1:30 PM

Too close for comfort?

12:23 PM


My moblog is up and running again (and it has its own RSS feed) but if you are looking for truly stunning images you'd be better off at bluejake's.

I've switched the feed to this blog from RSS to Atom. Feel free to subscribe.

Yesterday KisMac picked up 6 wireless networks. Only one was WEP protected.

Carrie better go back to Mr. Big or I will be one pissed mama.

11:31 AM

Saturday, February 21, 2004  

untitledGet up already!

Aside comment: After years of perfect manicures I totally destroyed my fingernails yesterday. My fingertips hurt and I feel like a total loser.

Back to the fascinating life:

A bunch of us went out for a an extended happy hour yesterday. Some of us - Pilar, Maria, Yamile and I - stayed until 3.30 AM or so.
Lively conversation, juicy gossip. The way it's supposed to be,

Now it's proving quite difficult to get out of bed. It's almost 6:00 PM and I have spent almost two hours on the phone with Pam planning my next trip to D.C. for our annual Oscar-awards-ceremony-watching dinner party and how she is going to get J., a guy she is seeing, to take us out for drinks and Arab music next Saturday.
I have a birthday party in a couple of hours for the kid of a coworker. First I have to manage to get out of bed, then I have to go out and buy him a present and then shlep over to Roosevelt Island, a place that I quite frankly detest.
Tomorrow it's the Sex and the City Memorial Party and I am supposed to cook for it.

As fits my personality, I am the semiofficial social events planner at work.
For social events I intend bar outings and the office parties. The French movies, the operas at the Met and the book signings are all out of my realm.
I am also kind of a one-woman welcoming committee for new colleagues. If they let me I can figure out their whole lives for them. That's just who I am. Bossy and opinionated. Let me in and I will decide where's best for you to live, what you should eat and who you should be seeing. Give me a little more leeway and I will make sure to let you know who you should be sleeping with and exactly what you should be doing with them. The good part (well, I like to think I am not all bad) is that I do not require blind obedience. Not only that, I can even take being completely ignored.. You can tell me to get lost and that will be fine by me. But I digress ..
So I love organizing things and I don't totally stink at it.
Yet, sometimes I feel like I am hauling cattle.
Some people are unfailingly well-mannered and always rsvp.
Others it does not matter whether they do it or not because you know they will always be there. The first to come, the last to go.
But then there a few with an annoying sense of entitlement.
They never bother to say anything and you are left with the nagging feeling that they are waiting for something much better to come along. If it's a happy hour it does not matter much but when it's a party and you are trying to figure out the food and the booze and the perfect guest combination it's one hell of a pain in the butt.
It's difficult to strike the perfect balance. I want to keep these gatherings as loose, open and flexible as possible but then again, basic social skills would be appreciated.

6:04 PM

Thursday, February 19, 2004  

Better living through chemistry

I would love to be able to do cocaine. I know I would fall in love with it. No need for food, no need for sleep. Invincibility.
Unfortunately I also know I would quickly be snorting it 24/7. An instant addict.
This painful awareness is the only reason that has kept me from trying hard drugs. I am not against them in principle. I can't say I see any wrong in good ol' recreational use. But while an extreme personality is a wonderful thing to have and I would not trade my penchant for excess for any kind of perfectly yin-yang balanced boring mood, I know that drugs are off limits for me. At least the ones that matter. I have no inclination towards narcotics. I don't want to dull anything. I like to enhance. This is probably what has helped me not turn into a babbling drunk: I love the heightened reality of the first few drinks. I am really not interested in the drowsiness. And I am not interested in keeping the drowsiness at bay with more booze because I strongly dislike vomiting. Voilá. A very rational functional alcoholic manifesto.

I used to smoke cigarettes. When I quit cold turkey I was going through three packs of red Marlboros a day. And of course I inhaled deeply, hardly letting out any smoke. If you are going to do it you might as well do it right.
As a teenager, the first time I went from skinny skinny to relatively big a doctor prescribed Tenuate Dospan. I remember all the side effects fondly: the restlessness, the nervousness, the dry mouth. I love that feeling of having electricity running through my body. Same kind of feeling I had when I lived on caffeine and nicotine. Now I get my rush from hot chili peppers. I am not sure this can be considered a step in the right direction though.

11:21 PM

A little beer yesterday with Nicolas.
A little beer today with Elena and Cecilia.
Life goes on, one little beer at the time.

10:13 PM

4:15 AM? Still up? How unusual ...

4:13 AM

untitledSheer insanity

Spoke to a friend tonight. She has gotten herself into some dude called Swami Sananda. From a very perfunctory look at his website is it evident that the guy has the world's lousiest web designer and that my friend has lost her marbles. Yeah, yeah, I know, I should respect other peoples' faiths and religions but you see, I already have the hardest time respecting any religion, imagine this load of crap! She takes her young son to weekly meditations. Not only that, but her sister is into this weirdo too and doing reiki, some kind of therapy through stones and what not.
I also found this other page. Esteticista Terapeuta Holísitca? Numeróloga Humanista? Taller de Tarot a través de la Metafísica? Gemoterapia? Sociedad Fóbica Anónima? Psicología corporal orgonímica? What the fuck?????
How come I haven't been able to find any hard data on Swami-whats-his-face? Not even the basics. Where is he from? How old is he? I can see he digs the Yanni look and he is partial to colored lenses but somehow this is not enough info for a spiritual leader.

2:08 AM

Tuesday, February 17, 2004  

Shit! It's past 5 AM and I am wide awake. We talked about this very problem with Nicolas today. We both have this tendency to stay up all night and then wonder where our days went. It gets on your own nerves after a while because you are left with this feeling of futility. I am now wondering whether to try and sleep some or just get up and start my Tuesday.

5:12 AM

Monday, February 16, 2004  

8:24 PM

What's wrong with me??? I have plenty of shampoo and I badly need conditioner. This is the third time I go out and buy shampoo instead of conditioner. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

7:45 PM

How to spend an afternoon

Here's what I did so far. The birdies before I cooked them ...

5:19 PM

Sunday, February 15, 2004  

Halfway through a long weekend

I started my Saturday with 57 minutes of jumping and dancing like a maniac on the rebounder, a wonderful feeling. Then I went to pick-up Melissa, fixed lunch for the both of us and spent the afternoon creating high art.

In the evening I met Pilar at the Ohio theater. We saw Mother's Little Helper, a godawful little play full of cheap disconnected clichés and featuring a particularly unattractive performer. After the play we walked around Soho looking for a suitable bar, not too crowded, not too empty, not full of couples out on a Valentine's Day date. We did find such a place at by 2 AM we were working on our third glass of wine and the kind of conversation that make lousy plays worthwhile. Oh, and the music was great too. A black DJ spinning the same tunes as at Opal's.

Today I woke up and watched Jerry Maguire for maybe the 20th time.. If it's playing I am watching until the very end and the "You had me at hello" line. I can't help it. Once I assuaged my compulsive need I went to the office to get some work done on an Access database that I created and forgot the password to. Given that this week I also wore a sweater inside out and locked myself out of my apartment and that today I almost started a fire when a candle in the bathroom lit fire to a toothpaste tube, I must either be in love or in the early stages of Alzeheimer's.

Then it was Sex and the City worship time. Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a drag queen yet she is the most feminine woman on TV. Absolutely adorable. And yay, looks like she'll end up with Big! I'm rooting for him!
Now it's time for Jeepers Creepers 2 ...

A piece of interesting news. Seems we are finally getting a new place!

11:29 PM

Friday, February 13, 2004  

Not to miss:

The winners of the World Press Photo contest.

9:13 AM


Chatting with Pilar the other day the subject of my evolving personality came up.
I've been very fat, like now, and so skinny I was asked by a nurse whether I was anorectic, I've had long long hair, I've had a half shaved head, I've been all shades of blonde, red and brown, I've been totally preppy and downright grungy. I've strutted around in stilettos and lived in Dr. Martens' boots. I have owned a whole collection of slutty underwear or refused to wear anything but virginal cotton. I used to change jobs every couple of years. I either work out 3 hours 7 days a week or I don't work out at all, I drink everybody under the table or I hardly touch booze, I've been vegan for several years and then switched to Atkins (it did not last). My life is a succession of extreme phases because I get bored very quickly. I like something, I indulge in it until I am done with it. I've never bought a second bottle of the same perfume. I change my make-up constantly. I either go out every night or it's a struggle to get me out of the house. I live in a mess or I channel Martha Stewart. But somehow, in all of this, there is one thing that does not bore me: I am never bored by people - unless they are boring to start with. I've always been serially monogamous and my relationships with men have always been long and meaningful. I've lived in several countries yet I stay friends with my friends throughout the years. Liliana, for instance, I've known since I was 12. In all my life I can only recall falling out with two friends, one about 17 years ago and then very recently, here in NY. Other than that I have a knack for making and keeping strong relationships. Things bore me because they stay the same. People fascinate me because they change.

Yesterday morning my DSL connection was down but I was able to check my mail piggybacking onto some neighbor's unprotected wireless network.

9:01 AM

Thursday, February 12, 2004  

untitledI was in a training session all day yesterday, then stayed at work late. I deserved a break. Pilar, Monse and I went out for a beer at the Wheeltapper. I really like the place, for a pub and the patrons are very well-mannered: picture one lonely bathroom in the hall, of the one-size-fits-all variety, I walk in after a guy and to my amazement and total delight I see that he has put down the toilet seat, closing it completely. A guy worth marrying!

I dreamt of falling in a round glass elevator in the company of Gwyneth Paltrow, her mom, who has not her mom but looked more like whats-her-name - an actress who was in the yada-whateverer-society (I am very precise today) - and a very cute guy who looked familiar.
We kept falling, they were giggling.
I started laughing, We fell into a pool and water quickly started filling the elevator until there was no air to breathe. We were not laughing anymore. Then I woke up

Interpretations are not welcome

Got a message from Vivienne: "I found out your moon sign, you are Sagittarius moon. I can totally see that in you, a young and wild sprit!
Got to have fun girl! That is what you live for. " Mmm, who would have guessed?

8:01 AM

Tuesday, February 10, 2004  

A call from the bank

So I already fessed up to downloading porn from the Net. Now imagine coming to work the day after and getting a call from your bank verifying transactions on your Visa account. What would you do? Would you cooly explain that unfortunately, for your particular fetish, you couldn't find anything free out there and had to resort to paying and that's what that weird sounding charge is all about? Would you just mumble in shame? Sweat in silence? Fortunately I tend to whip out my credit card with such insouciance that I was not able to recall most of my recent on-line purchases. This is how I kept my composure. Until I hung up, remembered and turned several shades of crimson.

11:54 PM

untitledYay! Went out with Vivienne, straight from work, to Pipa Tapas y Mas, a place I had never been to before. The tapas were not that good (the gambas al ajillo were overcooked and chewy, the buñuelo had no taste), the sangria sucked and the prices were a bit ridiculous for what we got. Still, I loved it. The decor is fantastic and I had a wonderful time, from the start. The waiter spilled some sangria on the table and I told him not to worry, that I could lick it off and from there we got entangled in a conversation about how good I was at licking. I love men with a great repartee!
The conversation with Vivian was very enjoyable too. This is a place I will definitely go back to.

Now, if I could only sleep some. That or not sleep at all. I really want to be at the office at 6.30 tops ...

11:37 PM

Monday, February 09, 2004  

I am still awake and reading blogs on the Web. I wanted something to give me a reality check and boy I've found it. I read several amazing journals but then I hit the jackpot. I've found the most moving personal account. Beautifully written. You can't accuse the writer of being light and merry but her Deathday Letters are heart wrenching.

2:36 AM

1:12 AM

untitledStill not in the mood

I spent Sunday morning doing what people who don't go to church do on Sunday mornings: downloading pornography from the Net. But enough is enough and eventually I should have shifted my attention to something more constructive. Instead I let a perfect winter day go to waste. I realized it was a perfect day when I ventured out for a couple of blocks to the supermarket. Clear, crispy air. Sunny frisky afternoon. Only an idiot would spend it indoors.
Came back, cooked, eat, watched a couple of B-class movies-of-the-week (both of which I had already seen), watched the latest Real World episode and in the process found out Mary-Ellis Bunim had died. Read a couple of pages out of the stack of very interesting books piling up by my bed. Played around with JP's domain name and my photo gallery (I uploaded some pictures of Montevideo and my house in Buenos Aires as well as pictures of friends taken in January, both in Montevideo and Buenos Aires). A disgrace of a Sunday.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with Melissa. We had lunch in SoHo and then went to Pearl Paint and got some stuff like the Vanity Box and Sculpey clay so we can do some projects together next Saturday. It was really good seeing her again and it felt even better to hear she had called me 3 times before her mom remembered to tell her I was away.
In the evening I ended up going to one of the parties. It was at S.'s, a new and very young colleague. I was impressed by the amount of people there. She seems to have attained a most difficult feast: to actually have a life outside the office and I salute her for that. Her guests seemed all rather nice but I was not in the mood. Also, they all seemed like very normal people. Too normal. The kind of normal people I like to stay away from. Also, they were mostly from Argentina and I am not very attracted to that particular social scene. Or maybe it's just that I am seriously not in the mood and I find fault at everything. I needed something crazier to lift my spirit but at this particular party the cool factor was sorrily missing and that was enough for me to leave. I don't think I really talked to anybody new, which in a way is so unlike me. I left the party early and was not up for the second one but I did call Nicolas and Monse just to make sure I was not missing the event of the century. Monse said the party was good and there were plenty of young kids playing 70's music. Under other circumstances I would have hopped on a cab immediately but then again, I chose to come back home before midnight. I hope this crappy mood is not here to stay.

So far I have a dinner party tomorrow and drinks with Vivienne on Tuesday.

1:05 AM

Saturday, February 07, 2004  

Is it just me?

The two-headed baby has died. I find this story disturbing. I've read about the baby a couple of days ago. A second head with no body attached to the head with a body? Some brain activity? A mouth that would open when the baby was fed? Deeply, deeply disturbing. Was that a second head or a second severely handicapped baby? So far I haven't been able to find more detailed information or any hint of an ethical debate. Baffling.

12:43 PM

Everybody has just gone home now.
Today I organized a happy hour to which I was late because I had to pull a double duty day at work. From the pub 11 of us went to a nearby Japanese restaurant and then came home for a nightcap. Until now.
Tomorrow I have a couple of parties. I am not in the mood for parties but I know I'll probably end up going to both.

3:40 AM

Thursday, February 05, 2004  

In bed with a glass of red wine. Bliss.
I invited a colleague over for a drink today and baked my very first spinach pie. Not bad, if I should say so myself.
Anyway, two beers and two glasses of wine into our conversation I think I talked way too much but then again this is a frequent feeling with me. People ask, I tend to answer. Even then, sometimes I have this feeling I have bared my soul and have received little in exchange. Believe me or not but I'd rather listen to somebody else than talk about me.

In any case, the spinach pie was a triumph. I now feel empowered to bake just about anything. Let's start experimenting.

11:06 PM

Among other disorders I am afflicted by a split personality. The party girl has been put aside for a while and has given way to the artsy-crafty me . Tonight I spent the evening learning how to make my very first sugar flowers. Please admire my efforts:

1:01 AM

Wednesday, February 04, 2004  

I've uploaded my critically acclaimed recount of my trip to the Patagonia (my very first blog). It's exactly the same page I published back in 1998, exactly what I wrote on my little Zaurus while traveling through the South of Argentina and Chile. Now go and laugh at me.

7:27 PM

Tuesday, February 03, 2004  

untitledI got tons of presents yesterday. I liked them all, really, but I do have a favorite. Monse gave me a wonderful book . I mostly skimmed through it so far but even at first glance the content is hilarious and I love the layout. Seems I am not the only one raving about it. I put it on top of the pile of books awaiting to be read and I'll get to it as soon as I am done with the truly disquieting one I am reading now.

The party was good but I am still a little out of it, I am somewhat tired (doing nothing kills me - I believe wholeheartedly that energy creates energy and lack of action eats at you) and my mind is somewhere else. I gave my camera to Anastasia and anointed her the official photographer. Interesting to see what I child finds worth recording. I also uploaded pictures from Montevideo and Buenos Aires but I messed up something and will have to check it tomorrow.

Today I spent the whole day in bed doing nothing but eating chocolate before going to Cecilia's to baby-sit the kids while she and Silvio went out to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Yesterday I was surfing the web and, as usual, checked an old URL which had not been working for a while. It used to be the website of a NY journalist who had a 24/7 webcam on. I corresponded briefly with her before moving to NYC and once she interviewed me for an article on unusual marriage arrangements. Eventually she became some sort of local celebrity, she taught people how to have their own webcams and got interviewed herself on TV. Then she shut down her site and that's the last I've heard of her. Until yesterday when suddenly there she was again, with a completely different look (she used to be very downtown, with the tattoos, the purple hair, the cargo pants), announcing her first book. I was so excited I wrote her an e-mail. She remembers me and we will soon meet face to face. There was also another guy who had a webcam on his site years ago. He was absolutely stunning but very sick with some sort of progressive disease. I chatted with him a few times but he too has disappeared, although I do check now and then to see if he resurfaces. I used to love personal webcams but I never really got into the famous JennyCam. I never got the hoopla, I never thought Jenny was that interesting, certainly not in the way AnaCam is. Nowadays I still like to peek into CuteCouple.com (I think those two are absolutely adorable).

3:19 AM

Monday, February 02, 2004  

7:08 PM

I've got to admit it's getting better, a little better all the time ...

That day again. Against all odds, I love it. I love it because it's all about me and I love it because the alternative really sucks.
The phone has been ringing appropiately and I've been getting a fair amount of e-mail. I am now compiling a shit list of those who have not remembered or haven't cared enough to wish me a happy day. They will pay dearly for their mistake.

1:47 AM

Sunday, February 01, 2004  

12:59 PM
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