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Monday, August 30, 2004  

Day One

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Unfortunately I cannot participate in any march. I watched half a second of live coverage of the RNC and I just could not bear it.

Me? Work? Nah!

Yup. I am working and will probably work through the night. Moonlighting for free. Might have to take the day off tomorrow. Would love to get my eyebrows shaped. And a pedicure. I am doing some highlights.The whole pre-vacation grooming. I need to do some shopping too.

Please, let Friday come quickly.

Joe called from the airport. He's flying back home. He met somebody. He's confused and he sounded excited. More power to him!

11:27 PM

And now for some private info ...

I had never heard the word tolerant used as a criticism before. That has changed now.
Yesterday, in a long and drawn out phone conversation with J.P. I was told how much I have changed in every possible way - except in my lousy relationship with my mother, of course. I am a completely different person.

The main difference, as might be expected, is that I no longer listen to him. It seems I interpret this as having matured and having attained liberation. He tends to think of it as the start of my unraveling. I simply ceased to see the light.

Then there's the physical part, of course. I am nothing like I was in my twenties and it sure feels good to be constantly reminded of it.

When I was in my twenties I was also ambitious. I made an effort to hide it because it was not socially acceptable, but I had it in me. I rejoiced in what I did and in my accomplishments. Now I am passively professionally unhappy and I don't care. Somehow I do not remember all that excitement at being a secretary back then. But maybe it's me. I have notoriously lousy memory.

And then the coup de grace. When I was in my twenties I was critical of people. Now I am "tolerant". And tolerant is bad because I do not discern.

Still, he "loves" me. Such confusion.

I could have spent the night bawling. I almost did. Then I chose to think good riddance. Even my tolerance has its limits.

11:34 AM

Sunday, August 29, 2004  

Sunday, lazy Sunday

Worked a while in the morning. Had Japanese lunch with M.A. Back to work. Fabian called. I was fed up with work. He picked me up and we went for a beer and fried calamari in Brooklyn Heights. We also got to ask each other all those burning questions that we were dying to ask. Got home and then went out for a gnocchi dinner at Mediterraneo with M.A. I have somehow waddled to the bed. Now I only have to find enough energy to take my make up off and brush my teeth. I might burn a couple of gnocchi that way.

12:25 AM

Saturday, August 28, 2004  

Poetic moment

Roses are red,
Grass is green.
I have the shape
Of a washing machine.

Work, work, work

Worked today. Will work tomorrow.
Stayed home tonight to rest from yesterday's killer dinner. It was fab but I was full before we even started. I am still in a state of shock at the sheer quantity and complexity of the food.

A soak in the bathtub and play time with paints and clay. The day is almost over now. As you can easily guess from the picture, I am PMSing again. That plus the Republican National Convention (aka the barbarian invasion) should be enough to drive me - and anybody who approaches me - bonkers next week. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

M.A., Nicolas and I before we started chomping

11:15 PM

Remind me ...

never to eat again.

12:22 PM

Friday, August 27, 2004  

The best gnocchi al gorgonzola ever

Yesterday I had a beer after work with Gonzalo, a colleague who's leaving tomorrow. We went to the Sutton Bar. The terrace was blissfully packed. Busy and loud, you could hardly move. Wonderful. M.A. joined us a little later. We split for dinner, with Gonzalo joining friends of his and M.A. and I heading towards Mediterraneo where we were met by Annie and Dan, a very cool ex-boyfriend of hers. His father is Kenyan, his mother is Polish. He is American, born in Africa, raised partially in Rome (where he went to the same high-school as Pam, by the way), lived 7 years in Geneva. One of us, as Pam puts it somehow snobbishly. Bright kid, very worldy and one of the best noses I've ever seen.

He and I ordered gnocchi al gorgonzola. I am still enthralled by the experience. They were nothing short of spectacular. Mediterraneo will get to see my money quite often, I am afraid.

M.A. left shortly after dinner and Annie, Dan and I moved to an outside table were the other owner and Mauro Maccioni and his fiancee Francesca were sitting. Now, the girl is nice, no doubt about that. So very pleasant you feel guilty saying anything bad about her. But pleasant is not a personality trait that drives me wild. Pleasant and dull are almost the same concept. The waiter from Kosovo, on the other hand ... yummy. Yummy and bright and nice. It's not only the food that will steer me to that restaurant.

Tonight is our cooking class with Daniel. And then tomorrow I'll have to come to work, given that I've done diddly-squat today.

A bright near future that will soon turn really dark

We've already got our tickets for Puerto Rico and our hotel reservations too. We are going immediately after Laguna Beach. On one hand I want time to go as quickly as possible, so it's Labour Day weekend and we are off on vacation. On the other hand, the fastest time goes the sooner M.A. will be gone. And that sucks. I am already looking into polymer clay and dance classes to keep me busy this fall, this winter and God knows for how long. Shit, it will sure stink.

4:28 PM

Tuesday, August 24, 2004  

Quiet Monday

Quick dinner. No gazpacho. Got to watch Growing up Gotti.
Then, when I was busy blogging about my non busy evening, my iBook started acting up and died. Major panic attack but after frantic tests it looks like it might be OK again. Obviously, I am now in a backing-up frenzy.

Change of plans ... again

M.A. does have a right to days off after all so we are now considering taking off the whole week after Labour Day and, depending on whether we can change or not our tickets, either go from Laguna to Baja California or fly back to NY and then go to Puerto Rico. But don’t hold your breath.

The week looks good

This evening it’s Derek’s class. Tomorrow we are having dinner at Fabian's and we are providing the cocktails. Thursday it's drinks/dinner with Annie, who is leaving for Duke University on Saturday. Friday we have a cooking lesson with Daniel. Saturday I can't remember but I am sure there must be something planned.

10:44 AM

Sunday, August 22, 2004  

Weekend in the city

So I went to work yesterday morning and then went our for lunch to a Japanese place and then for coffee at Starbucks. As soon as we stepped out it started raining cats and dogs. We waited and waited and waited but eventually had to somehow squeeze under one tiny umbrella and head back to work. Half of me was drenched when I got there, or maybe 2/3 of me, considering that my feet were soaked too, so I just turned off the computer and came home to a warm bath. I really do not need to get sick again.

In the evening M.A. and I had dinner with Annie at Mediterraneo. I am quite impressed with Annie. In a few short years she has matured so much and yet she is funny as ever, so pretty and animated. While we were having dinner Vito, the owner, was constantly coming to the table to chat with her. The guy is a social animal and, from what I hear, a genuinely nice and generous guy. Now for some name-dropping ... I asked about a very nice red Vespa parked on the sidewalk and Annie told me it was Mauro Maccione's, of Osteria del Circo and Le Cirque (one of the snobbiest restaurants in town) fame. He was at Caffe Med next door (owned by Vito too). So I got some background info on his fiancee, Francesca, who was sitting there with him and with whom Annie has had dinner recently. All this is really just for the sake of name dropping. The guy is really unattractive.

No rain today. Just spectacular weather. I've been working at home since early this morning and I am now waiting for M.A. to be done with gym/laundry so we can get to Central Park. I am also trying to call Pascale but the line has been busy for hours now!

1:19 PM

Friday, August 20, 2004  

Boredom is a dangerous thing

Went and got my manicure and pedicure with a stop for grocery shopping. Came back home completely exhausted. Must be the antibiotics. I couldn't work either because I kept falling asleep.

Out of sheer boredom I prepared enough food to feed the building. Not yummy comfort food but light fingerfood with emphasis on looks. Ornate bites, you might call them. They were duly appreciated. After dinner we spent quite a while plotting a weekend in Puerto Rico. Taking into account all kinds of considerations (job related and others) we seem to have come to an agreement. We'll probably shoot for Sep. 16th. But given our natures we'll probably have other plans tomorrow.

I am now running a bath, with bubbles and oil, and I am going to soak in it for a while with some trashy magazine. A perfect way to end the day.

I hope to be operational tomorrow. I need to go to the office and I want to go out in the evening.

10:34 PM

Bored bored bored

Just the thought of staying home today again make me want to scream!!!!! I might go out and get a pedicure later on, get to the supermarket, DO SOMETHING for Chrissake!!!!

Lousy pictures are up

The photos from Miami are up. They are less than great though.

9:12 AM

Thursday, August 19, 2004  

Feeling decisively shitty

Yesterday after work we had a mini happy hour with Francia, Elena, Claudia, Annie, M.A. and I. It did not last long as we were all pooped. From McFadden M.A. and I went home to munch on something and, as per tradition, eased into a relaxing chat that went on long enough for him to decide to stay overnight. I can't blame him. Who would want to shlep over to Harlem when you can stay two blocks from the office?

I woke up this morning feeling even worse than yesterday and yikes! my throat is covered with white spots! Came to work and went straight to the medical service. They did a test and told me a have a strep throat. Basically I can't kiss anybody, I can't sleep with anybody, I can't drink alcohol and I have to rest. There goes my weekend.

I will stay here until lunch, eat and then go home and work from home.

11:34 AM

Wednesday, August 18, 2004  

We are all the same ... in less than spiritual ways

So funny and yet so eerily true.

12:05 AM

Tuesday, August 17, 2004  

Midlife celebration

Today I felt like spitting out my amygdalae, and I still am. I almost did not go to Derek's class because I was not sure I could handle it. Then M.A. came up for a minute after his work-out and I guess I was shamed into action and ended up almost running to get to the class in time. The wonderful thing is that I had a fantastic time, as I always do. I was there, dancing away, and thinking that if this is what a midlife crisis is like, bring it on! So many interesting people out there. So many great things to try. So much fun to be had. So here I am, on a high again.

Bryan (that's how he spells his name) wrote me an e-mail today. We are definitely going out on the town again - soon.
Then Annie called. We are going out for a drink tomorrow after work, either by ourselves or in a group happy hour. She seems to have matured so much in these last years. She is a very bright (and beautiful) girl and she seems to have exchanged a lot of her previous animosity for a much sweeter attitude.

I'd really like to be able to sleep before 3 AM ...

11:49 PM


Thou shalt not sleep with the fan blowing full-force on your naked body unless you long for throbbing painful amygdalae.

3:24 PM

Monday, August 16, 2004  

I need a clone

Lisa is in town, Annie is still in town, Pam might still be in town tonight.

Got a message from Annie about having dinner/drinks with her and Lisa tonight. But if Pam has decided to stay one more night in NYC she might have invited a couple of girls over for dinner at home tonight. On the other hand, if she decided to leave today, I still cannot have dinner out with Lisa and Annie because M.A. will be coming over for dinner and laundry (and we all know the importance of clean underwear for one's self-image).

I need to make several phone calls as soon as I get off work. I might be able to somehow blend all these dinner projects into one or maybe meet Lisa and Annie later on.

But let me rephrase my title: I do not need a clone, I need to be able to divide myself in two - two perfectly slender Rosarios.

4:19 PM

Releasing my inner slut

Yesterday I had dim sum lunch with M.A. and Nicolas and a bunch of his friends at the Golden Unicorn. Daniel was at my right working the table like a pro. He got to choose the food, order the drinks and keep the table tidy. Everything was delicious and everybody was fun, though the pace of mastication was a little hasty.

So it was Nicolas, M.A., Daniel and then Maya, Daniel's sister, and four other guys. Two were a couple, one seemed to be with Maya and the fourth one I hit it off with immediately. He's this 28 years old skinny bitchy red-haired party boy.

After dim sum we had coffee (and limoncello) at Ferrara and then everybody split and the skinny boy and I ended in a cab on our way to Oscar's party. Only then we managed to find out our names. He's Brian.

The party was very slow in starting so we got to meet practically
everybody as they came in. It was very mellow, very East Villagey. A very diverse mix of people, all ages, all races, some with dogs, some with kids, some with babies. Some played music, some had company in the bathroom. There was one very intriguing couple: Jan and Dylan. She has a very interesting face, kind of stern but with sparkling mischievous blue eyes. She could be Pam's sister. Almost her twin. Dylan is a primitively attractive guy. Very tall, somewhat gangly. He's also kinda cuddly. They said they knew they wanted to hang out with us when we walked in, took a look at the steps leading into the garden ("the mini cliffs" as Dylan put it) and Brian made a comment about needing to plan for an alternate route before we had one beer too many. I liked Mimi too. She's a photographer and one of the five people celebrating her birthday that same day.

After some drinking, some inhaling and some eating I really really needed to dance.

It had to be Splash. I now it's supposed to be totally gay, but I danced up a storm sandwiched between several guys, ended up with one phone number from a black guy who was actually begging me to call him and ... well ... got sort of busy with a very cute, somewhat confused, tongue-pierced mostly straight, born in the projects 24-years-old teacher from NJ. His girlfriend of several years dumped him in May and he is still not over it. Fortunately he is definitely not over girls either.


Elena is back from her holidays and she got me not one but two presents, both of which I am crazy about: a bright orange sock-like holder for my cell phone and a gizmo to hang my cell from my neck.
It's amazing how she has my taste down pat! I should hire her as my personal shopper!

2:28 PM

Sunday, August 15, 2004  

Not tired enough

I worked Saturday morning and part of the afternoon, with a quick interruption for a Japanese lunch with M.A. who was also working. But after work the weather was so miserable and we both felt so pooped I just stayed home and he went to his new digs up in Harlem with about half a dozen of my DVDs and a couple of books that should keep him busy for the evening. I waited for Pamela. We were supposed to go to Jonathan's to see his new baby and then go out for dinner but we opted for staying home instead. She cooked - marvelously - and we eat in bed while watching a movie ("Unfaithfull") which I had already seen but did not mind seeing again. Diane Lane is so damn gorgeous in this movie that I was all focused on her instead of Richard Gere (and no, the French guy does nothing for me). An absolutely spectacular looking woman. Something needs to be wrong with her. Life can't be so unfair. I just hope she has stinky feet or halitosis.

Sanjida called today to follow up on an e-mail and see if I was joining her and her group for a night of fake bachelorette party at a club (brides to be and friends get a discount, hence the lurid little scheme). I can't believe I said no. This cold of mine is really taking a toll on my social life! Anyways, tomorrow I am meeting Nicolas (he is back) for dim sum at noon and then I am going to Oscar's (my hairdresser) birthday party at around 3 PM. All this of course if I manage to tear myself away fron Internet porn and get some sleep at all.

4:43 AM

Saturday, August 14, 2004  

Good old times

Opal. Divine. Yay.

1:14 AM

Friday, August 13, 2004  

Domestic mood

Pam is here. She arrived yesterday and I cooked a little dinner for her and M.A. They were so appreciative I am considering cooking again tonight. There's nothing like positive reinforcement to make you slave away.

It's hard being me

We got our tickets for Laguna Beach today. After some back and forth and last minute changes we had to cancel a two week vacation from California to Baja California to Mexico City because M.A.'s contract was renewed and he will be working until the very end of September. A very good thing except for the vacation plans. I'll have to make do with week-end trips. So now we are off with Nicolas for a long Labour Day week-end. I am so excited. I already called Eduardo, and he hopes we will not get there too late so he can wait up for us and have a drink with us. I asked him to call Connie and David so I get to see them too. And I called Sergio - he's in Seal Beach, not too far away.

Technical aside: where the heck are my June and July archives?

Jay, Jane, yours truly and M.A. outside the restaurant in Florida

April, me and M.A

7:36 PM

Wednesday, August 11, 2004  

Answer from Susan

Than I or than me - Which is good English?
According to "The Good English Guide" by Godfrey Howard, both are used, so use whichever comes naturally. For most of us, that will be "than me", "than him". If you prefer "than I", it is better to complete the sentence: "She is taller than I am." Otherwise it can sound stilted. In some sentences, look out for the risk of confusion: "She loves him more than me" could mean "She loves him more than she loves me" or "She loves him more than I love him." In such cases, spell it out and say what you mean.

Thank you!

8:33 AM

Two words

Derek rocks.

The rest

His class was great, eventhough I now have a very decent cold, courtesy of M.A.

Pam called yesterday, she is coming tomorrow and staying until Monday.
Lisa is in Long Island this weekend too. But we will probably be off to East Hampton.

Plans for the rest of the trips have changed a bit. Instead of going to Laguna on the last weekend in August, we might wait until M.A. is done with work and then take a week or two and do California and Baja California and Mexico. This might change again, of course.

Today it's drinks with Annie, maybe.

8:23 AM

Monday, August 09, 2004  

Sleep now!

A little Red Bull helped. But sleep will feel like a blessing.

We were still in Miami this morning. We had the alarm set at 5.50 AM and amazingly were out of the room before 6.30. Taking into account that we both showered, finished packing and even had a coffee, I am still amazed at this feast in synchronization. We landed in NYC at around 11 AM. M.A. went straight to the office, I waited until 2 PM. Then we both worked late, him later than I (or is it "later than me"? Susan! Please clarify!). Now he he has just left after a light dinner and I am ready to collapse, but not before posting an entry.

Here's a recap of the week-end:

Yesterday evening (Sunday) we had dinner with Jane, a friend and colleague from Geneva who is now retired and living in Ft. Lauderdale, her son Jay, who is as nice as ever, and April, his wife-to-be, a very sweet girl with the most amazing lips. The place they chose was an Argentinian restaurant called The Knife, in an area called Hollywood. When we walked in it felt like being in Uruguay. The smell of the meat, the loud loud crowd. I stuffed myself at the salad bar and had one bite of meat and half a chorizo and could not have more than a taste of the dessert, but everything was yummy and dinner was fun. We had time to catch up and laugh a lot.

Other than that the week-end was quiet. We did not go wild at night. Did not hit the dance floors. Did not hop the bars. M.A. was sick on Friday and recuperating over the week-end, he was a little tired, a little off. I was, as usual, still premenstrual, until Sunday. We went out for dinner on Friday night and were up early on Saturday to get to the beach..
The hotel we were staying at sucks. It claims to be a 4 stars hotel but it's barely a 3 stars. The entrance is grandiose but the room was basic. No real complaint here because we got it for free - well, sort of, I exchanged VISA points for the stay.
Saturday we found out how bad public transportation is in Miami while waiting forever for a bus to take us to the beach (we opted for a cab on Sunday).

As much as I really don’t like South Beach in general I must say I loved the water. The beach itself is ok, though I am not particularly excited by wide sandy beaches. The water on the other hand won me over. It was nice and warm and I could have spent the day in it.

It rained on Saturday, in something that is quickly becoming a Saturday tradition (see our Saturday in Bermuda), but then again, I LOVE swimming under the rain! Saturday night we had a beer at Mango's and watched the go go dancers gyrating on the bar. I refused to buy another drink if a guy did not climb on that bar pronto. It did not happen soon enough so we left, had a nice dinner there on Ocean Drive and were back to the hotel early enough.

Sunday we hit the beach again and I stayed in the water until M.A. was completely fed up with waiting for me. We crossed the street over to a restaurant and had some nice munchies and a very nice cocktail on a table on the sidewalk before returning to the hotel. He had a nap. I was a little hyper so I went down to the gym and spent a little over an hour on the treadmill and the elliptical machine. Then we switched, he went to the gym, I went back to the room, though I did not nap.

The verdict? My previous opinion holds: I do not like Miami. Or at least, I don’t like what I know of Miami. I find the South Beach meat market particularly depressing. People walk up and down and strut their stuff but there have not much to strut. They are really not much to look at. There were certainly a few pretty girls and a handful of really gorgeous ones, but the guys were a disgrace. I saw maybe a couple of decent looking ones in three days. Barely enough to keep me breathing. I could go to Chelsea right now or in the middle of the day and risk a heart attack with at least twenty drop-dead pretty boys. The bars and restaurants are mostly of the tourist trap variety.

All this does not translate into me not enjoying the week-end, because I actually did. Traveling with M.A. has an easy comfy rhythm to it that's very enjoyable. He's very attentive and very well mannered (I am one of those people for whom lousy table manners are a true problem and for whom opening or not opening a door might make it or break it). There never seems to be any need to negotiate anything and I never feel like I am doing something I’d rather not be doing (that’s my feeling - his version might be totally different). This is particularly important to me because I can be a raging bitch if I feel I am being bullied into doing things I don't like doing or I am just not in the mood for. I am also a lousy companion when I am bored and unfortunately I get bored very easily. I am aware that no matter how much you like or love somebody, incompatibility issues tend to arise fairly quick on a trip, even just a week-end trip. If you are spending every waking hour with somebody, chances are you will be dreaming about murder fast enough. Somehow, I have yet to mentally practice hitting M.A.'s head with a baseball bat (believe me, I have been known to entertain such reveries with other people). But the truth is I’d rather express all this harmony somewhere else. Miami is not a place I will go back to any time soon.

Plans are on the way now for East Hampton next Saturday, Laguna Beach, CA at the end of the month, maybe Mexico at the beginning of September. Then M.A. will be gone and I will be researching suicide methods, deciding whether to down a couple of vials of something, jump out of a window or shoot myself right smack in the forehead. Fact is I will most probably turn into a hectic hyperkinetic machine, spending every single evening at the gym, taking a succession of endorphin-producing dance classes. Marc is now exploring new teachers and classes and he will be my faithful companion comes falls. I will probably go back to swimming too. And I might take some polymer clay classes.

Right now all I want is to sleep.

11:00 PM

Real life again

Just got home from the airport. Have some time to check my messages and change and then will head to the office.
Details about the week-end in Miami will have to wait until tonight.
Patience is a virtue. A highly overrated virtue but still a virtue.

12:08 PM

Wednesday, August 04, 2004  

Feels so good

A great time. We talked our heads off.

1:10 AM

Monday, August 02, 2004  

Bermuda's pix are up

But don't get your hopes up, there are not exactly professional quality ...

5:34 PM

No good deed goes unpunished

All that ice cream binge eating. I am ready to barf now. Woke up at 4 AM. I am not sure whether I should try to get back to sleep or just get up and get to bed early tonight.

Update: e-mailed in sick. Back to bed.

5:54 AM

Sunday, August 01, 2004  

Catching up

Premenstrual again. Argh. Instead of working I soaked in the bathtub part of the afternoon, after eating vanilla chocolate-chip dough ice cream straight from the container. I am now watching Tom Cruise Special on E! What a perfect combination of a great face, a hot body and an excepcional spirit! I want to marry the guy.


We had a late dinner at Burritoville after spending quite a few hours figuring out where we want to go next and finalizing a trip to Miami next weekend. Leaving on Friday evening, coming back on Monday morning. On Sunday we might go to Fort Lauderdale. A lady I know from Geneva lives there now and she might come and pick us up. We found a decent flight and I've exchanged VISA points for a stay at the Hyatt. Now we have to see if we can rent a boat too. Miami is not one of my favorite places (Puerto Rico was our first choice) but it's really South Beach that I am not fond of. Also, I am counting on M.A's restlessness to match mine.


I finally got to see Melissa again. She is back from camp but will be off again to the Dominican Republic for three weeks on Friday. The disturbing news is that her not-yet-18-years-old-brother's just-turned-14-girlfriend is pregnant and she is not sure who's the father of the baby. It could be Melissa's brother or it could be another 18 years old who has been shipped to DR because of other problems he has had, probably with the law. What a damn pity. Apart from the fact that it could be constructed as statutory rape, the father, whoever he is, the girl, the baby, they are all in for a tough ride. Melissa's mother is thinking of sending her son to the Army for a couple of year. I think it's certainly the wrong time to join the Forces for the wrong reasons.

We saw Catwoman. As it was to be expected, given the poor reviews it got, I loved it. Halle Berry is spectacular and the way she moves is breathtaking. Benjamin Bratt ain't bad either. I loved the aestethic sense of the movie, the style, the effects. I loved the two-dimensional characters. Sharon Stone is straight out of a comic book. I loved the music too. So Ebert, go shove it!

Saturday night was supposed to be a blue moon so M.A. and I decided to have dinner in the Park and see if we could catch a glimpse of it. I actually thought it was going to be blue. Yeah, sure. But if you ask us we will probaly swear we saw a blue halo. We were both so worked up. According to Nicolas, this explains how all those UFO stories get started.

To get to the Park I actually agreed to take a bus. An almost exotic experience for me. I might have taken a bus a total of three times since I moved to NYC. I didn't even know what do to with the ticket. So we hop on the bus and four blocks after we hop back off because we were going nowhere. We walked to another avenue and took another bus to 72nd St. So much for the convenience of public transportation.
The Park is wonderful at night and the Boathouse is even more magical. We had a drink at the bar outside, being very carefully not to be seen by a guy who we have chatted with back in December. Inside our waiter was a drop-dead-model-gorgeous Israeli guy a little full of himself but who could blame him? He said he's opening some kind of very upscale coffee and pastry place in Tribeca in September.

We had a great dinner, sharing tenderloin carpaccio and a beef tenderloin steak. I am now officially an ex vegetarian. But maybe there's something to the theory that meat eaters are more agressive. Our usually easy chit chat suddenly shifted periously close to a full out argument. Fortunately we cooled off quickly. After dinner we returned outside to the bar and stayed there until they closed. The bartenders were really nice and there's something soothing about closing time, at least in my eyes.


Today I spent a couple of hours on the phone with a friend I thought was so happy. She is not. Guess another separation is on the way.

10:12 PM


Long entry on the way but now I have some work to do.
In the meantime, here's a picture of the pool in Bermuda:

2:53 PM
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